This is a great link about Wheat Belly

This is an interview with Dr. William Davis about the harmfull affects of modern wheat on health.

6-Weeks to Digestive Health

Please join us for a Workshop about digestive health. I will be outlining a 6 week program to heal and optimize digestive health. Poor diet, antibiotic use, and stress can all unbalance the digestive tract. Research has linked digestive inflammation and beneficial bacteria unbalance to a whole host of conditions including digestive pain, bloating, IBS, crohns, colitis, depression, autism, autoimmune diseases, mental fog, sleeping issues, allergies, asthma, lowered immune response, malnurishment and more. Please join us and learn how Acupuncture and the GAPS protocol can heal the underlying cause of many chronic illness.

Joins us Tuesday April 17 and 6pm and Coastal Acupuncture. Please RSVP 644 8044.

This is a really interesting article about how acupuncture works.


Marconi Union – Weightless

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

GAPSdescribes a whole host of physical and mental symptoms that start in the digestive tract. From depression, autism, autoimmune conditions to digestive complaints and more, GAPS diethasbeen achieving world wide recognition as a very successful treatment thataddresses the root cause of the condition. Watch this video for more info.

Gut and Psychology Sndrome explained

Sugar: The bitter truth

Autism and Epidurals

In talking to a patient with an autistic child recently, we realized that the use of epidurals increased around the time the insidents of autism increased.It seems vaccination useisn’t the only intervention that corresponds with the rise in autism.The use of epidurals and labor inducing drugs also corresponds with the rise of autism. Check out this interesting articleI found: