What our clients are saying about Coastal Acupuncture

This family has been saving my life since 2009, and I can say that you are sincerely the nicest family with all the giving u do for everyone you meet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Michelle Daisy

Mike is amazing at what he does, and I recommend anyone considering Acupuncture to start here. He truly cares about your wellness and has profoundly impacted my health and happiness for the better.
-Brooke Shinsky Hooper

Mike is amazing. He listens and asks a lot of questions so he has a clear idea of what’s going on. He executes the acupuncture perfectly and I always leave there feeling at least 50% better. I love his approach and will never go anywhere else for acupuncture! It has truly worked for all my back/spine/sciatica issues.
– Laura Trevino

This is the best place to have acupuncture!!! I was having severe upper back pain, to the point where I couldn’t even take a deep breath! Mike performed his magic through acupuncture and I was healed!!! I have had a facial by Kelly as well and It was amazing!!!!! Thank you!!!!
– Stacy Hallowell Hutchinson

Very first treatment here and I could walk without as much pain! I’ve been swung a chiropractor for sciatic pain for months and Dr.Long relived so much pain in one treatment it was incredible! I’m so very grateful to have found this gem of a place, will def become a longtime patient!
– Morgan T. 

I’ve been coming here for a few months. I came in with constant back pain and a nerve in my shoulder that kept getting pinched. Now I feel so much better, like 98.4% better! Mike has been great, he is really knowledgeable and friendly.
– Evan S.

My son has been seeing Mike for medial Patellae Tendonitis. He has suffered from knee inflammation and pain for 5months. Mike has released several tight muscles and my son is seeing immediate relief from the pain in his knee. Mike is skilled at Acupuncture and herbal treatments. In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable about how muscle imbalances are connected to pain. We highly recommend him!
– Debra M. 

Mike is the Man!!! I have been going to Mike for several years now. He is always accommodating and knowledgeable about anything I come to him with. I have had back and leg pain for most of my life and since going to see Mike it has been tolerable and even though my back surgeries and hip replacement he was able to help with healing time, pain, and swelling. Thanks, Mike you have a patient for life!!
-Rick P.

When I first came in to see Dr. Mike Long I was suffering from hypothyroidism and had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After struggling for four years with my thyroid and taking higher and higher doses of medication with no results, I decided to see Dr. Mike and I’m so glad I did. With the use of PSTEC and EFT, herbs, acupuncture, and cupping, I no longer needed my medication after three short months. It’s been about a year now, and my thyroid is doing great. My fibromyalgia symptoms have dramatically improved too. Dr. Mike is amazing and he does have the power to heal you. If you are suffering, you don’t need to. Dr. Mike can help, he has been a Godsend and I want to thank him for giving me my life back and for everything he’s done for me.
-Meredith Smith 

Thank you so much for helping me overcome debilitating obstacles that have been plaguing me for years. These obstacles kept me from the inner peace and physical health I am experiencing now. Before coming to Coastal Acupuncture, I experienced daily anxiety, sleep difficulties, and problems with my family. The herbs you prescribed at my first appointment were a natural alternative to the Prozac. You have now given me the tools I need to continue improving my mental and physical health, but I know you are always there when I need some guidance.


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