Our Mission

To help people enjoy a balanced life
complete with wellness and vitality, free of pain.

Meet Mike Long L.Ac

Passionate about holistic health care and helping patients to find solace with their health issues, Mike is a licensed acupuncturist who has been practicing acupuncture for more than 10 years. He received his Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine and is licensed by the state of California.

Mike Long - Coastal Acupuncture

Who We Are

Coastal Acupuncture is an award-winning, multi-discipline center in Ventura, CA for the treatment of pain and sports injury.

Coastal Acupuncture was conceived because of recognition for the need for a natural holistic approach to pain relief using effective time tested clinically proven methods. Our methods for treating pain are natural and have minimal side effects. I personally selected the methods used in this clinic because I believe they effectively treat the major causes of pain and dysfunction. Most pain conditions have several contributing components and most therapies don’t address all factors. My goal is to address and treat the root of the condition as well as the symptoms so a complete resolution without re-occurrence can occur.

We believe that treatments focusing on strengthening and balancing muscles that stabilize structural imbalance, addressing soft tissue dysfunction, controlling inflammation, improving poor blood and lymph circulation, stopping nerve pain, and stress control techniques with an emphasis on breath should be included at the core of any pain relief program.

Mike’s Approach

Thank you for your interest in my Acupuncture Center, Coastal Acupuncture. I have been practicing Acupuncture in our community since 2007. At that time, I have come to realize that each person who comes to see me is unique and has their own set of circumstances that contribute to their condition. I can see 10 knee pain patients that have 10 unique sets of circumstances that contribute to their pain. That is why during my initial consultation it is important that I listen carefully and do a thorough evaluation so I can create a treatment protocol and plan that address their uniqueness. I rely on muscle strength testing, range of motion tests, orthopedic tests, and lots of questions to determine the root causes that can cause pain and dysfunction. This information is filtered through the lens of Traditional Chinese medicine which is amazingly effective at identifying and treating deep constitutional imbalances.

This approach incorporates the best of east and west. I also find myself constantly studying techniques and strategies to add to my toolbox. I’m not wedded to ideology; I’m mostly concerned with efficacy and achieving fast and long-lasting results. Understanding movement and body mechanics are a passion of mine that stems from years of martial arts training and surfing. I bring everything I have to every treatment and love helping people get out of pain and achieve their wellness goals.