A functional and restorative approach to healing and creating energy

Nutritional Balancing Science

A total healing system, Nutritional Balancing Science includes elements of Western medical science as well as many principles of Eastern healing sciences. It makes use of modern physics principles and modern engineering principles including General Systems Theory. It is a functional and restorative approach to healing, and its ultimate goal is to provide the individual with an energetically strong and stable life force.

There is a huge difference in how we experience ourselves and our life in this world depending on our energy level. When we have energy, being our self comes naturally. This includes our physical, emotional, and spiritual self. People with high energy levels abound with good health, vitality, and passion for life. When a person’s energy levels are low, she or he may feel depressed, have poor self-esteem, and be lacking in excitement and vitality. Even our ability to feel and demonstrate love is affected by our energy levels.

In the world today, it is uncommon to find an individual who is truly nourished. Most people are exposed to constant stress, be it environmental, dietary, emotional or chemical. We are bombarded with chemical and toxic metal pollution and contamination, the soil and all produced grown on it are depleted of essential nutrients, large parts of the globe do not have food and clean water, and our whole understanding of nutrition is somewhat askew. Poor diet, chronic stress, microbes, toxins, and allergens, all wash over our DNA and cause changes in our gene expression, turning off or on different genes and messages that affect our metabolism, When under stress, the body does not detoxify effectively. If the stress continues for any length of time, the toxins in the body start building up. Unless the body is brought back into balance and begins to eliminate these toxins, they start to interfere with its functioning, and soon a diseased state occurs.

Only a few ?ingredients? are really needed to make us healthy, and they are: real, whole fresh food, nutrients (vitamins and minerals), water, air, light, sleep, movement, love, connection, meaning and purpose. When our life energy is depleted, it is difficult to feel, perceive and create the love, connectedness, meaning and purpose we need to have a fulfilling life. The amazing fact is that virtually every health area we are looking to support can be improved, maintained or enhanced with the power of nutritional medicine. When we remove the bad stuff, and replace it with the good stuff, the body knows what to do and it creates health on its own.

The efficiency of our being is based on our body’s ability to produce energy. We forget that to even have a thought requires energy expansion. We typically do not stop to wonder where the raw materials for that energy production comes from. It is this process of giving the body what it needs, and removing that which causes disease that Nutritional Balancing facilitates.

The Science of Nutritional Balancing was founded by Dr Paul Eck (1925-1996), an exceptional doctor and avid researcher, who dedicated most of his adult life to researching the biochemical physiology of the human organism.

Dr Eck stumbled upon a new assessment method of hair tissue mineral analysis in the early 1970’s and, where others saw it mainly as a way to detect toxic metals, Dr Eck applied to this finding all of his knowledge of the Stress Theory of Disease, Metabolic Typing, Mineral bio-availability and much more.

Through the use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, he formulated a unique model of the optimal equilibrium of the human mineral system, on the basis of which, he further developed a methodology that identifies what is required to rebuild his same system and to restore the individual’s health and vitality.

Since Dr Eck’s passing, his work has been continued and expounded upon by his student, colleague and friend, Dr Lawrence Wilson, MD, who worked closely with Dr Eck for 14 years.

Nutritional Balancing does not focus on symptom removal but rather on restoring the body to a former state of health and beyond through a process of deep healing. This profound process of healing involves detoxification, purification, complete nutritional. Rebuilding and a healing lifestyle that restores the organism’s health.

The major therapeutic modalities include:

Lifestyle: This is a key area as the correction of basic living habits is the single most important recommendation in nutritional balancing for most people.

Diet: Once an individual’s oxidation rate is ascertained through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, a diet suitable for that oxidation type is recommended and constitutes a primary healing modality and lifestyle aspect.

Nutrient Supplementation: A number of simple, targeted nutritional supplements are recommended and represent an important part of the balancing program. The recommended supplements are very specific to that individual and are based on the readings from Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. This is an important difference between this science and most other nutritional approaches. The supplements aim to balance the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios, which, in turn, has an effect on the entire body and presented symptoms.

Detoxification: Use of near infrared saunas and colon therapy