Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome – GAPS Diet

Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) is a condition which establishes a connection between the digestive system and the brain and tissues of the body including the brain and central nervous system.  This term was created by Dr Natasha Campbell–McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (human nutrition) in 2004 after sucessfully treating  hundreds of children and adults with neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD?ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, obsessive –compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder and other neuro-psychological and psychiatric problems.

A growing body of research is showing that unbalanced gut bacteria can have a damaging affect on the entire body. When the gut flora is compromised toxicity can build up in the intestines and spill into the blood stream. These toxins can be neurotoxic and can overwhelm the detoxification pathways and immune system. The toxins can spread throughout the body and cause damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, organs, joints or any number of tissues. This can set up an autoimmune condition, mental/emotional symptoms or physical symptoms.

The GAPS Diet provides a treatment to heal the gut and stop the river of toxins that are at the root of many chronic illnesses. The diet has a 6 stage introduction phase that quickly heals and seals the gut and can provide profound relief. Once the introduction stage is complete, you move to full GAPS which allows more variety. The goal is to eliminate foods that cause reactions, provide nourishment to the tissues of the digestive organs, starve out the overgrown pathogenic species and repopulate the beneficial species. Once balance is restored and the digestive tract is healed the body is better able to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxic buildup, and heal damaged tissues.

Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating digestive disorders. In fact, 1000 years ago Li dong – Yuan recognized the digestive system as the source for most disease. He described poor diet, excessive stress, unbalanced emotions as the main cause of digestive damage and chronic disease. He developed treatment strategies and herbal formulas that are still in use today.

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