I sought acupuncture for the first time in many years, and have been impressed with Mike’s command of the healing art, his comfortable and communicative style, and with the positive results I’ve been getting.
Sep 10, 2015
johno, Ventura

Mike and Kelly Long are two of the BEST people I’ve been BLESSED to heal & be beautiful with.
Sep 9, 2015

I suffered from a very painful and debilitating pain due to a rotator cuff injury. For several months I had trouble sleeping, driving, doing normal household activities. After cortisone injections, pain pills, and muscle relaxants not giving any relief, I made an appointment with Coastal Acupuncture. At the end of my first treatment my pain had decreased by about 70 percent! I highly recommend Coastal Acupuncture and Mike Long.
Sep 4, 2015

Coastal Acupuncture is the first place I go for health care. Mike worked to resolve my long term health problems and I’ve never felt better. He’s knowledgeable and stays current. His office staff is very nice and I recommend him to everyone.
Sep 2, 2015

Mike and Kelly are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. It’s amazing how Mike knows what is happening in your body as he’s evaluating you.
Kelly is one of the best facialist I’ve had work on me. Being in the beauty business for 35 years I’ve had many facials…kelly knows her stuff.
Aug 27, 2015
janetw, Ojai

Mike and Kelly are both very knowledgeable in their fields!
Apr 26, 2015


When I first came in to see Dr. Mike Long at Coastal Acupuncture I was suffering from hypothyroidism and had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After struggling for four years with my thyroid and taking higher and higher doses of medication with no results, I decided to see Dr. Mike and I’m so glad I did. With the use of PSTEC and EFT, herbs, acupuncture and cupping, I no longer needed my medication after three short months. It’s been about a year now, and my thyroid is doing great. My fibromyalgia symptoms have dramatically improved too. Dr. Mike is amazing and he does have the power to heal you. If you are suffering, you don’t need to. Dr. Mike can help, he has been a Godsend and I want to thank him for giving me my life back and for everything he’s done for me.


Meredith Smith


Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for helping me overcome debilitating obstacles that have been plaguing me for years. These obstacles kept me from the inner peace and physical health I am experiencing now.Before coming to Coastal Acupuncture, I experienced daily anxiety, sleep difficulties, and problems with my family. The herbs you prescribed at my first appointment were a natural alternative to the Prozac I had been taking and a great immediate help while I  worked on the issues at the root of my anxiety. In the beginning, I really didn’t expect the two programs (BSFF and PSTEC) to help much. I have tried “talk” therapy in the past with little results. Needless to say, I was very happily surprised that they both work extremely well and quickly.  You don’t have to be a believer to see result with these programs, but it’s easy to believe once you start feeling and seeing real changes.You have now given me the tools I need to continue improving my mental and physical health, but I know you are always there when I need some guidance.

Best Regards,



I first came to Mike Long at Coastal Acupuncture around October of 2007. My daughter Madison was 3 years old and suffering from quite a few ear infections that lead to high fevers and congested coughs. She had gotten sick 3 times that last part of the year. The doctors kept putting her on antibiotics and she would get better in about 2 weeks time after loosing most of her weight from lack of appetite and the strain of the antibiotics on her body. I Decided to take Mike’s advise and try the herbs he prescribed for the cough and fever. Mike had also suggested some Probiotics which are available at Lassens and Trader Joe’s. It didn’t take long for Madison and myself to see the results. Within 2 days the fever was gone and by the 4th day the cough subsided. She didn’t even mind drinking the mixture even though we had the option to put it in capsule form ourselves. We noticed a huge difference in that the herbs weren’t breaking down her body while healing her. Her appetite remained consistent and the she was back to her active self in less than a week of starting the herbs. After the 1st illness on herbs she got sick less and it she got better quicker. I highly recommend Mike Long as a professional who cares about your well-being and a person that would consistently ask you to check back if things weren’t working quite right with the mixture. Which in that case he would adjust the herbs for you. I firmly believe in a more natural way to heal ones body without depleting it of other things.

Thank you,

Dear Mike,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for relieving me of my Restless Leg Syndrome. I have suffered from restless Leg Syndrome for over 35 years. I thought I would have to live with these “crawling legs” and suffer through. If my restless legs only kept me up for 2 hours at night I felt lucky. After receiving acupuncture and taking the herbs you prescribed my legs are finally ‘at rest” and I haven’t been bothered with the awful feelings of having to move my legs just to feel relief. I don’t worry anymore when I go to bed at night, “Will be able to sleep or will my “restless legs” keep me awake for hours”.

As you know, I am a Registered Nurse and have always dealt with medical problems though western medication but now I am a believer in the art and science of Acupuncture. I would recommend anyone suffering from “restless legs syndrome” to consult with you before trying any other treatment. Thanks again.

Renee Vellucci Jones, RNBC, MSN
Nursing Professor (retired)

Dear Dr. Mike:

For almost six years, whenever I traveled (whether by car, boat, or plane), I would get sick during my trips. Also my energy level was low when I traveled. Mostly I would come down with some form or upper respiratory infection that would require a visit to a local doctor for various antibiotics to solve the problem. For a good portion of my trip, I would be miserable with headaches, coughing, congestion, and an inability to sleep – which did not make for a very good vacation.

About three years ago, I spoke with my regular physician about the problem since I was ready to give up raveling anywhere I knew I was going to get sick. He recommended nasal washes, taking vitamin C, taking zinc, wearing a mask (when flying), etc., etc. Nothing he recommended helped. In desperation, I looked to find an allergist/immunologist to see if there was a problem with my sinuses (perhaps I had a low-grade sinus infection that got a whole lot worse when I traveled??) He said there was no problem with my sinuses. However the doctor indicated that my body’s production of immune anti-bodies was very low. He was at a loss about how to help me prevent getting sick when I traveled, but he did say that if got pneumonia as a result of getting sick, then I might have to undergo a process of monthly injections – for the rest of my life – to boost my immune system! That information was a great concern to me. It seemed that Western medicine wasn’t going to be able to help me prevent getting sick when I traveled.

I mentioned my dilemma to you and you indicated that you might be able to help me by using Chinese herbs to build up my immune system. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I gave them a try. I have been on three long trips in the past seven months (by car, train, and air), and lo and behold, I haven’t been sick once! Furthermore, my energy level is far superior than it’s been in the past few years. On one group trip, people all around me had colds or infections and were coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable. And I still didn’t get sick!!! On previous trips, I would have been the first person to get whatever contagious sickness anyone in the group had! I just wanted to thank you for solving the problem and allowing me to once again look forward to future trips.

Thanks, Mike
John C. Jones

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to thank you for prescribing the Chinese herbs. For anybody else suffering with gall stones, here’s a re-cap of my experience.

In late 2006, I was in the emergency room for severe abdominal pain. It turned out to be kidney stones, but in trying to diagnose the problem they did an ultrasound of my gall bladder. They found three large gall stones and told me I’d have to have my gall bladder removed. Later in early 2007, I went to my urologist and he confirmed through ultrasound that I did indeed have three large gall stones. My wife brought this to your attention and you suggested I might try a mix of Chinese herbs which have been successful in reducing gall stones. I had to take three capsules three times a day for about 2 months. In late 2007, I went back to my urologist and he again did an ultrasound of my gall bladder. Two of the gallstones were gone and the remaining one was much smaller. I attribute this to the Chinese herbs and your excellent suggestion. Many thanks for your wonderful care! I’m sending my two ultrasounds for you to see.

Rick Burgess

Dear Mike,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your amazing work. I came to see you about six months ago with a frozen shoulder that was exceedingly painful doing simple movements each day like putting on a sweater or opening a door. My range of motion was minimal and I could no longer enjoy any physical activities such as bicycling, swimming and golf because my shoulder did not move without intense pain. I would wake up each night with throbbing or shooting pain.

Previous consulting with you, I had been going to a traditional doctor and participating in Physical therapy sessions twice a week. After six months, when my shoulder was not improving, I was told to look into surgery. It was at this point a friend recommended seeing you.

I came with an open mind, and I was hoping for pain relief at the minimum. What I found was a practitioner of many talents who investigates the whole issue and works to resolve it. Not only did I get out of pain, I am back to 98% of my original range of motion before the injury! I am back to exercising, swimming and golf. I have full confidence with a few more visits, some cupping, Chinese herbs and more acupuncture; I will be 100% soon.

Mike, your approach and true passion about your work shines forth in all you do. Your work toward getting results and in just a short time, I was out of pain and drastically improving with each session. You discovered some other issues I was having with overall health and addressed them as well, which has resulted in me feeling more energetic and youthful than I have in some time.

Your knowledgeable of Chinese medicine astounds me. You are truly a healer and I give you my utmost recommendation. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be completely pain free in my shoulder and thr true pleasure I get from doing all the activities I once enjoyed but never thought I would be able to engage in again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With sincere admiration,
Roxanne Massar

Dear Mike,

As yesterday was considered my last day of “formal” treatment, I am compelled to write this letter. Please feel free to use it as my “Letter of Recommendation” for any/all future clientele.

As you’re well aware, laparoscopic surgery was performed on my left knee towards the end of Oct. 2001 (repairing cartilage ears due to an old injury). As the months passed and I seemed to experience a drop in progress, my surgeon’s only answer was “healing will take time.” I do have a history of forming scar tissue, so I began talking with your wife (who I see for skin care) regarding alternative ideas. On June 23 when (still favoring that left knee) I tore my right calf muscle, I consulted another surgeon for a “second-opinion.” I asked if he felt message therapy might be an answer to my concerns. He agreed that I should definitely try a non-invasive approach prior to my risking any more surgery (and chance of additional scarring).

My first visit with you was on July 3. My left knee was discolored, the ankle was swollen, and I had numerous painful “spots” throughout. You took the time to explain the whole procedure, as you worked with caring, diligence and an obvious knowledge of anatomy. I was amazed that, at the conclusion of that very first hour, I was able to touch the side of my knee without feeling shooting pain. These treatments continued once/week for several weeks. Although at times painful (I can’t lie), I was/felt remarkable improvements at the end of each session; I was able to walk easier; swelling around my ankle and the area around my knee began to decrease; and color started to come back to my leg. Obviously, increased scarring had prevented full healing…and massage was the answer to breaking down those scars and returning the necessary circulation to my leg.

On July 31, I walked into your office to be confronted by the ‘Vacu-Derm.’ Admittedly, I was skeptical that this impersonal, suction-machine would work as well as your “hands-on” approach. How wrong was I! It allowed you to access deeper problem areas, lessening the chance of soreness in your hands, freeing them to “feel” the areas needing work. I only bruised once (when we both expected that reaction). And just a few months later (on October 27), I experienced the crowning achievement of all our sessions…I DANCED!

I highly recommend you, and especially the cupping anyone needing after-surgery or pain-management therapy.

Thank you!
Lisa Kotlen

Dear Mike,

The cupping I have received from you using the Vacuodermie TV10 cupping machine have been very therapeutic. I have had seven treatments over three weeks. O came to you for my chronic neck pain. My pain is significantly reduced. And perhaps even better, I now have the flexibility to relieve my own tension. This has not been possible for several years. My range of motion is greater. My motions feel more ‘natural’ smoother. I knew nothing of the Vacuodermie machine and came to your office expecting traditional cupping. The treatment was dies concerting to me the first time. But I felt so much benefit. Since then I have steadily improved.

I feel much better.

I write this letter to be read by others interested in this type of treatment. If you are interested in the health benefits. I do not think you will be disappointed. But I found others benefits as well. On this subject I will simply say that these treatments have been a blessing.

David Davidson

Dr. Mike,

As you know I came to your office with chronic pain from a herniated disk in my back. My Sciatica kept me in constant pain. I could barely walk in the morning, my left leg felt as though it was at least 2” shorter than my other leg. After receiving acupuncture, the pain improved considerably. While I am still getting treatments and flare-ups occur my lower back pain is much better. I am a believer in Chinese medicine and its changed my life!

In addition to be able to lead an active life again I am really excited about the herbs you gave me. I must admit I’m one of those people who are lousy at follow-thru but this time I too the herbs faithfully as you instructed. I didn’t even miss one day. Not only did it help me with my back pain but after 2 ½ years the skin condition I have, Granuloma Annulare has started to disappear! These are reddish-purple raised rings on my hands & arms. The doctors tell me they know what it is but they have no idea what causes it and there is no cure! They’re given me injections, steroids and creams. You name it, I tried it. Nothing worked until now. So far several of the rings have completely disappeared while others are slowly fading away. My hands had the largest and darkest of the rings on them & were very ugly. This week the rings have gotten noticeably lighter & look as though they may disappear in a couple of weeks too! After 2 ½ years I can’t tell you how excited I am! I only wish I had taken before & after pictures so others could see how the herbs has help me. I always have been a believer in herbs but now I’ve found the doctor that has the knowledge and experience to help me. Thank you Dr. Long!

Thank you!
Colleen Wilson

Hi Mike,

I want to share with you the 3-D picture of my baby at 12 weeks. It is an amazing photo. Baby is healthy. The doctor will confirm the sex next month.

Thank you for your treatment that helped to create this life-changing event, (remember the doctors said I couldn’t get pregnant without help) I will make an appointment for a follow-up visit with you.


Hi Mike,

Here is the 3-D picture of my baby at 18 weeks. You were correct in your early prediction of the baby’s sex. Doctor is 100% sure it is a boy! I was also told by the specialist that my genetic blood test results were great and show the same risk factor as a 22 year old woman (in spite of my so called advanced maternal age!) Thank you again for your continued support in my desire to start a family and for the treatments that bring positive changes in my health.