Helping as many people as possible regain their health and experience optimum Wellness using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and modern nutritional protocols is our top priority. TCM practitioners have been promoting wellness for 3500 years. By treating the root of an illness, symptoms disappear and vitality returns.

Are you tired of symptoms based treatment? Today’s environment poses a challenge to health care providers. A toxic environment and food and water supply, ever increasing stress both mental and physical, and poor diet are at the root of disease even before symptoms occur.

Coastal Acupuncture Wellness Center addresses these factors with AcupunctureChinese herbs, GAPS Certified Nutritional Program, Nutritional Balancing Science, Hair Mineral Analysis, EFT, PSTEC, BSFF,  Metabolic Training, Restorative Exercise,  Detoxification Programs, and Weight loss programs.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

At Coastal Acupuncture Wellness Center we believe:

Wellness is achieved when your bodies natural healing ability is working at its best, and when your ability to balance your career, family, and physical body supports your bodies natural ability to heal. Wellness is an expression of a balanced life. However, when symptoms are present, finding the cause and healing the imbalance, not just treating symptoms, is our goal.

Determination to be healthy and to obtain knowledge about your body is key to good health. We provide free wellness seminars, health workshops, pulse readings, and health consultations to help you make decisions about your health so you can achieve the next level of wellness, not just a lack of symptoms or feeling good, but feeling amazing!